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Kathryn Evans - Design Representations

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7 April 2015

The 4T's was perfectly summed up for me with the diagram which improved the readability after a difficult and chunky paragraph.  I found it expressive with the use as a guiding structure and the concept that no element was of more importance than the others.  The utility was clearly shown when it was applied to the healthy eating design and I particularly liked the introduction of SWOT analysis to help determine the technology

This would have worked very well for my design as it was a very chunked and collaborative exercise and I feel the 4T's would have been beneficial when I was designing the activities.  I think that using this representation would have helped me to balance the activities by making me look at no one element being of greater importance than the others.  

With the E-Design template I found the readability was difficult.  The complex diagram was not as useful as the table where the healthy eating lesson was laid out.  I found this table expressive and having looked at this going back to the diagram it became clearer.  The utility was shown in the table when the healthy eating scenario was applied to this template.

I could have used this for designing my lesson if I had known the participants and their ability.  Designing for unknown learners would have made it hard to reach the top of the diagram and  get the self organised skills to work.

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