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Robert Avery's Design Representations

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Robert Avery
7 April 2015

The 4SPPIces Model and LdShake

I found this relatively easy to follow once I got to grips with the acronyms (though I’m still trying to work out what the ‘I’ stands for - perhaps a little creative licence being applied here!). As a representation of who is doing what it struck me as being quite clear. The software looks quite useable and, I think, gives a good expression of the overall design concept though it doesn’t provide the level of detail that is indicated in the narrative. As a means of supporting collaborative working, particularly across multiple sites, this could be a very useful tool.

 The ISiS model and ScenEdit tool

I found this to be very simple to follow and can see the potential benefit for new teachers in particular. The structure of the process is very logical in its presentation and links well to the graphic representation that the ScenEdit tool provides. For enquiry based learning activities this tool lends itself well to the design process and could help the designer to visualise the activities and who is responsible for each task.


From my own design perspective, I think that either of these models could provide the level of flexibility that I like to build into learning activities whilst providing some indication of the specific elements that each individual is expected to perform. However, as an experienced learning designer, I find the models to be an over-complication of what is a relatively straightforward task.

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