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will bladon
8 April 2015



4 Ts model


I found this model less clear to understand first off, but find the idea of it being segmented in a circular fashion interesting, as this lends weight to the concept of each part being equal.  I.e pedagogy, participants, space and history being considered. I think this is interesting, as often 'space' is the starting point, and controlling factor.


Also the LdShake weblink went to a 404 error.

I found this model very clearly explained, and understandable. The process map worked for me to make this easier to understand, and I could instantly link it to real activities and examples, and begin to understand its application with these.


Very process driven with little in terms of expressiveness.

At first look I viewed this as a process/flowchart, and as such in terms of the traditional understanding of expressiveness I did not find it expressive.

However, when looking deeper at it in regards to the 'juggling' and dimensions that decision making brings to this process I think it is more expressive than initially I thought.


I am less sure about the utility and usability of this model. Be that due to technical requirements or the spaces which seem to be required.

I feel this model would be more applicable to me, as I can already see ways of using it, and applying it to my own situation.


This model would have streched me in terms of making me think outside the normal box, and to consider other ways of going about my design.

Resource wise I think this model would be very useful in terms of planning how resources will be used, what resources are required and for how long. The model is also useful in the way it encourages and iterative approach- and enables you to fine tune the learning to get an optimum result.

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