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4Ts and e-Design in Healthy Eating Design

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Andi Roberts
8 April 2015

I have chosen the 4 Ts model and the e-Design Template

I choose these two as they are visual and linear reprentatations of design and are similar to the way I currently design learning.

Readability: Both are easy to read. My preference is the 4T as this breaks down each section of the learning into four corse areas whereas the e-Design groups it together.

Expresiveness: Both are diagrammatic displays of design. I personally use mind mapping on my PC to design so I thought that they were perhaps to rigid in expresiveness. Having said that, they are easy to navigate, which, for me is more important.

Utility: Both templates are usefull. They both provide an overview. They both miss detail required to deliver, but this is not their goal.

Adequacy for expressing Design: Both are adequate.Personally I like the 4T more, the breaking down of Task, Teams, Technology and Time help me consider design flow better than e-Design.

The benefits of using the Design: Both provide an overview of what is required. They quickly allow the person delivering to understand the key points.

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