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Catherine L's representations review

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Catherine Lee
8 April 2015

Review of 4Ts and e-Design

Representation of 4TS:

Readability: easy to understand, the swim-lane graphic allowed all aspects of the activity to be represented over time.

Expressiveness: good

Utility: fairly good – would make an easy plan to follow in class as a prompt/reminder

Would it be adequate for expressing my own learning design? Yes, it would work

Representation of e-Design:

Readability: took a couple of goes, but possibly because this one had particular application for my own practice.

Expressiveness: good

Utility: I can see this being very useful in my own practice. . It could be used to ensure that (some? most?) learning activities are developed beyond the ‘Guided Exploration’ stage.

Would it be adequate for expressing my own learning design? I could see this one being very useful.

The benefits of using these representations in my own design are that they (particularly e-Design) help focus on desired learning outcomes;  e-Design would provide a reminder that I want to support students to  become 'self-organised learners' and that learning activities should promote that.

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