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Nicole Montag
9 April 2015

The Cloudquester challenge is a challenge in navigation.

Found 1 Patrick, 482 including wrongspellings. Rebecca Galley has 152 folks interested in what she is materialising in here. Juliette Culver's profile is constantly redirected to a folk who has nothing to do with the Juliette who was interviewed how the Techie Lady made cloudworks working.

Collaborative Working:
interesting Cloud: Exec Summary for a paper, bit more than an abstract and  any material could be link, that is a virtual representation beyond restrection of medium (tools)
Mindmapping tools: a mindmap example for an OU Spanish course
and Cloudscapes tags on Twitter:
the latest Cloud: this second)
3 words according to Rebecca: engaging, collaborative, evolving

...though I am thinking that the evolvement has slowed down since 2009 hype.






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