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Level 1 Rugby Coaching CompendiumLD H800

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Brendan Clarke
10 April 2015

My design narrative was for a different programme.  I wanted to try compendium using a project I am currently working on.  Have to say once I started using it - it did take a while- but persevering and discovering that after using up Tutorials 1 and 2,  Tutorial 3 wasn't up yet I decided to plough on and get cracking.  About 7 hours later....... I'll be using it for a range of other designs I am working on.  I like its fluidity and I like the way it can be macro and micro- nice job- some recomendatioins for improvement

In Tutorial 1 activity 3 it says to minimise the map use the buttion on the top right -  on my Mac using Yosemite its on the left- like most mac apps.

I had to upload a heritage Javascript to run it and had to alter my security settings.  why dont you upload to the App store?

Activity 2 in Tutorial 2- importing  the learning design file isn't as straightforward as described on a mac.

Upload tutorial 3- there are lots of things not menioned eg select all means you can move the whole thing up down righ left etc. But placement is still important- I'd suggest you adivse newbies like me to start in the middle of the map as once you get going you use up a lot of space especially I guess as a new user when one doesn't have an idea what the shape and patterns will emerge like.

On resourcse I'd suggest a drop downlist maybe based on a frequent flyer basis or have a list that I can add to the project I am using rather than copy and paste all the time ( see that third tutorial be good!)

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