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Lou Crawford's review of Healthy Eating Designs

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Louise Crawford
12 April 2015

e-Design Template

 This appealed to me because it aimed to provide ‘novice’ designers with an effective template and I thought this would be a good one to assess as I am ‘novice’ status in designing e-learning. I also liked the emphasis on developing independent learners through four stages which is something I constantly strive to achieve with my own learners. I also found it easy to assess the suitability of the Healthy Eating task when it was mapped onto the grid and this would be useful to identify where activities could be further developed.  It was interesting to apply the grid to my own learning experiences on the H800 course and see that we had started at the level of Self-organised learner which suggests it is perhaps a template aimed at the design for younger or less academically experienced participants. The underlying principles of scaffolding are useful and I found this a familiar concept to grasp.

ISiS model 

 I chose this model to compare because I liked the fact that it involved a simple symbolic visual representation of the design which could be shared and copied or even copied and modified easily.  However, I found this much more difficult to understand when reading the abstract description of the model and had to go back and re read several aspects before gaining an understanding of its underlying principles and design.  It seems to reflect the complex nature of the design phase for learning activities which almost undermines its existence.  By the time I got to the end I was considering whether it was worth reading the heavy description at all. However, I liked the end result which I believe had real use for collaborative learning design, if a little over complicated in the narrative description of it.

My learning design

In relation to my own learning design, I think I would have to rethink how I structured the narrative account of it to allow for a true comparison to be made.  I like the narrative template because that complimented the way I work which is guided predominantly by ‘talking it through’ however I can see the usefulness of using amore visual template especially of we are designing many learning activities which would be easier to ‘assess’ on a grid like the ‘e-learning’ grid.

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