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Philip’s H800 Healthy Eating Design Representations

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Philip Odeny
14 April 2015

I selected the 4Ts Model and the e-design Template

The 4Ts Model:

I found the content quite easy to read as it was clearly divided into four lanes with specific headings. The tasks were clearly defined and easy to follow for any user. However, I agree with the authors that the design process could be rather messy, especially in the Teams lane where the rationale for group or individual activity was not clear.

The expressiveness

The model is quite clear in the way it expresses the task. I found the technology lane expressed exhaustively the issue of technology, clearly providing for input resources, environment and output, which makes the model  quite useful in a technology supported lesson

e-design Template

I got an immediate impression from the very first glance that the template leans heavily towards scaffolding and offers ample opportunity for differentiation in the classroom. 

It provides for increased diversity of interaction among learners and between them and the teacher, offers both tutor and student managed activities at different levels, and includes assessment and feedback.

I think the model is most useful as it is applicable even in a technology-deficient environment.

My design already incorporated many aspects of the the e-design template. However, it could benefit from both the e-design template and 4Ts model's time allocation.

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