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Wayne Gibbons
15 April 2015

e-Design template

The graphic that goes with this template is very appealing. It clearly shows to me a progression over time where teacher-led instruction slowly becomes student-led inquiry and learning. This template seems liek a good fit for the H800 module, but for undergraduate studies, specialised training and/or short-courses, I am not convinced that it is the best model. I can see that even though it is called "e-Design", the rpinciple can be applied to face to face teaching and learning also.


I like the CADMOS approach, as it is clearly laid out and so it is easy to read. I like that the activities are clearly listed in chronological order, with a time allocation associated with each activity. As a learner with the OU, I can appreciate where timings are given, and I also give these to my students when they are working on a list of tasks. Sticking to stated timings allows me to complete all teh objectives in my classes in the manner that I wish, although sometimes (see my Design Narrative!), flexibility is the order of the day. 

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