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Jane Lashmar
18 April 2015

Title     Rainbow Signs



Rainbow Guide Leader – Narrator - Demonstrator



After school activity

12 Rainbow Guides aged 5-7 (pre Brownies) meeting in school hall early evening

Myself and 2 other adult leaders

My younger daughter was signing due to speech delay -Others in group had expressed desire to learn due to this




Awareness of people who sign for communication.  Ultimate goal of signing the close of meeting prayer by whole group



  • Visit to group by lady with a hearing dog – she was also a signer whose spoken speech was quite challenging to follow
  • Introduction of a couple of different signs each week  - thank you/cat/dog
  • Watching dvd of childrens songs that were also signed – with no sound
  • Gradual build up of prayer week by week
  • Visit to group by my daughters  speech therapist



  • Consider objectives to have been met and exceeded – everyone in group was able to sign alphabet and closing prayer
  • Rainbows went on to fundraise to buy more dvds and toys for children who needed them



Rewarding experience – skills for life although they have only just realised it

Differentiation needs to be considered whatever the level you are working at

Tasks need to be appropriate to students

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