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Michael Brown's Review

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Michael Brown
19 April 2015

4Ts model

With actions and objectives shown in circles and squares, I found the readability high as it was simple for my eye to follow the pattern and sequence. Another way of putting that is that with each section broken down, it is clear what needs to be done. This breaking down helps when considering how a lesson will play out. It would be useful both before and during a lesson. It allows for a good overview and helps with quickly understanding main points.


e-design model

The sequencing is very clear and the template helps with understanding the phases to take place. Good for looking at relationships within the framework, and helps make roles clear. In contrast to the 4Ts model, which posits technology as a core element of the model, the e-design model sets up technology as a support to the learning activities. This model also would be useful for planning.

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