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Learning Design

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Brendan Clarke
25 May 2015

Thoughts on Learning Design

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Brendan Clarke
6:52pm 25 May 2015

Vygotsky and Piaget and Skinner and Tyler.  The first two constructivsit the second two behavioural. The first two heavy influences on Learning Design the second two founders of Instructional Design.  The first two born in the 19th Century  in the same year apparently, the second two early in the twentieth centurry with just a couple of years between them. 

Two from Europe, two from USA, lots of similarites and lots of differences.  Instructional Design is based on an acquisitonal metaphor and Learning Design on the participation metaphor.    Be interesting to read a decent comparison between these four thinkers.  How far did their own individual context influence the way in which they looked at and thought about learning?

I've just started looking in detail at Learning Design, I've even used the Design Council Double Diamond to see how I can create an iteritive design methodolgy using the idea of linking form and function with a constuructivist and participative approach.  I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who has come to Learning Design from a Design background, we seem and I do appreciate why, have lots of technolgists, but not it seems so many product or grahical designers who have made the transition.  Why is that I wonder?

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