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Juliette Culver
19 February 2009

From the University of Worcester:

'The primary role of teaching staff was to facilitate a ‘virtual’ student fieldtrip to the highlands of Western Ethiopia, simulating the fieldwork element of a joint 2nd and 3rd year module entitled ‘Africa: Diversity and Development’.'

More details on the website. 

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Verena Roberts
10:42pm 24 October 2009

I love this idea! I am a teacher with @KOOL a virtual schol in Kamloops, BC, Canada.

What I liked most about your project was the way you tried to get your students to really "feel" like they were heading to Ethiopia. I work with Elementary students, but your ideas have given me limitless ideas on smaller projects. We could even work on how to "get to" the principal's office or playground.

Thank you!

I clicked on your site because I was born in New Zealand and I am always curious about kiwis....

Verena :)

Gráinne Conole
11:48pm 24 October 2009

I agree this does sound really exciting - a great way for the technologies to genuinely enhanced/enrich the student experience.

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