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23 February 2009

Robbin Steif from Lunametrics provides tips in a breakout session and 1:1 by appointment in Monterey.


If you have questions about web analytics (and Google Analytics in particular), please post them here before the meeting so that Robbin can come prepared to address the needs of the OER community.

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Robbin Steif
8:03pm 26 February 2009

In addition to talking about Google Analytics, I will briefly talk about the work that my company is doing on behalf of the OER sites:


As part of the OER strategy to "create metrics to measure progress over time," LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, is providing technical assistance to Hewlett grantees in using Google Analytics to analyze their web sites and traffic to the sites. Nine OER websites were included in the proof-of-concept stage, using Google Analytics to measure each site alone and all the sites together. Each participant had access to its own site data and the opportunity to consult LunaMetrics in discussing how to use data to improve web site traffic.  In 2009, we will be rolling out the program to up to fifteen more OER sites, all of whom will also be trained on Google Analytics (as part of this project.) Over time we hope to provide the Hewlett Foundation with snapshots of progress of individual OER sites and the movement as a whole. 


Robbin Steif




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