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Facts To Know About LED Bulbs

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Rihanna D'souza
29 July 2015

LED bulbs are extremely preferred by most of the people today, due to the vital benefits associated with it. One among the best benefits is that they consume very less power when compared to various other bulbs. These bulbs are also long lasting. For instance, it has been proven that they have the ability to last for over 10 times more than that of regular bulbs.

The LED units are available in different sorts and the most common types include;

Diffused bulbs –These are idyllic when utilized in areas wherein light has to stay ON for a long period. Such areas include hallways, reading rooms, porches and lots more. This sort of bulbs utilizes up to seven watts of energy and it tends to light the place for over 50,000 hours.

Candelabra LEDs – The significant advantage with these LED bulbs is that they are dimmable. Furthermore, they can also create attractive cool white light effect.

Floodlight and spotlight LEDs – Floodlight and spotlight LED light operate efficiently with spread-out and dispersed light. These lights can be utilized for both exteriors and interiors.

Diffused high power LED bulbs –These are idyllic for standard households wherein they offer the same light amount as that of 100W incandescent bulbs.

How to choose LED bulbs

LED light bulbs are different and so to attain maximum results you must consider various things such as its shape, color and light intensity.

The units come mainly in four shapes and sorts; A-line bulbs, spotlights, floodlights and candle bulbs. Floodlights are perfect for outdoor lighting, A-line for room lamps, spotlights for such areas which need narrow beam, and candle bulbs for chandeliers. Whilst making your purchase you must go for the bulbs shape that fits the area wherein you desire to install the bulbs. These bulbs also come in varied colors so you need to consider this factor as well.

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