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Having the Appropriate Color Temperature is Important

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Kamlesh Sawant
31 July 2015

For best lighting with the LED lights it is necessary to have the right color temperature. For imitating daylight 6000k would be ideal. If the buyer is able to choose the cool LED he or she will get higher lumens per watt. However at low levels of illumination the lights may look dull. For locations having low illumination warmer color temperature in the range of 2700k – 3000k would be more appropriate.

There are thousands of providers of LED tape in the market. But it won’t be prudent going for the first one that comes one’s way. Instead doing a little home work can help and this can be ensured by viewing samples and reviews online. Qualitative reviews impartially indicate the pros and cons of any provider and the plans offered. We at provide our valued clients with test data as well as working samples helping them take an informed decision regarding the tape to be purchased.

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