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Material Lifting Equipment

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Rizwan Ashraf
14 October 2015

Delmon Elevation is an expert in the conveying and elevator systems. Our company is the top most elevator company that is providing a quality material lifting equipment in Dubai and other states of Emirates.

Our services are not just limited to the supply of elevators, but we also install and repair escalators, dumbwaiters, scissor lifts, lifts for wheelchairs and cars and travellators.

We offer electric as well as hydraulic elevators with or without gear and machine room as per the requirement of our clients.

It is about more than ten years that our company is engaged in this business and we have earned a sound name in Dubai.

Till now, we have served the renowned ministers in the public sector and the great consultants of the region.

We can provide, maintain and install above 8 hundred units of different kinds of elevators having capacity of 25 hundred kilogram and speed of 2.5 meter per second.

Contact us for more details and get a quality elevator system at the best price in Dubai. You can also send your query to us via email.

We respond to our clients immediately with no delay.

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