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Wide Range of LED Light Bulbs

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Steve Bigget
16 October 2015

As the UK's No.1 online LED retailer, at Light N Shine we pride ourselves on only stocking the highest-quality LED lighting products and we are committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. For complete peace of mind, we offer an unrivalled three-year warranty on all our spots and bulbs, as well as 30-day hassle-free returns.

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Its festival season so it got me thinking about lights at festivals, the logistics and what lights are used. So I started looking into it, and then got really distracted! I didn’t realise how vast Lighting Festivals really are! They are held in cities all over the world.

Lighting festivals seems to be a big thing amongst UK countries and cities, for example in Finland, Berlin, Sweden, Portugal, UK, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. Landmarks that normally bring people to the cities to come and visit them are lit up in such a way which causes much more attraction!

These lighting festivals are a great way for aspiring lighting designers to come up and show off their talent, or it’s a way for local lighting companies to promote their products and motivate people to think and look more into lighting and what can be done with it. Tourists are what makes lighting festivals even more appealing to these cities; many people are attracted to view these beautiful, unique, short lived spectacles. The festivals and tourism go hand in hand, both feed each other; tourists are attracted to the light and this in turn has a positive effect on the city as media coverage grows and more people want to attend the festivals.

LED lights are beginning to feature more heavily in these lighting festivals; a building in The United Kingdom is transformed by LED’s during the LED Light Festival.

There is something about the 4 watt LED Candle Shape Bulb that makes it outstanding amidst the tight competition of light bulbs. Unlike those traditional light bulbs that are currently being sold over the counter, this 4 watt  LED Candle Bulb has the best features that will surely be loved by the users.

LED strips are the closest thing that is on the market available for anybody to use that will create a similar effect to what you see on these buildings. LED strips admittedly won’t create a pattern or be anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the ones on these buildings but LED strips are the closest product available where you will be able to be freer with designs you create and lighting variations. LED strips are also available in different colours which add to the long list of reasons as to why they are becoming increasingly popular. led strip For more information on LED strips or if you want to talk to someone about the effects that can be created with the use of LED strips, read our blog or contact us on 0203-002-0617.

Steve Bigget
11:55 on 16 October 2015

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