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new thinking for careers-work

tracking the possibilities for responsive, reforming & expanding careers-work action

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Bill Law
4 January 2016

Bill Law
the career-learning café

The information and ideas set out here are long overdue.  They re-examine the help offered to clients and students navigating their careers.  They raise urgent issues for... 

educators, advisers, programme-managers
& policy-makers

They relate to all aspects of learning for...

& personal-&-social development


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Pressures on working life are intensifying & attitudes are changing.  There is an accelerating growth of formal & informal ways in which people find out what is going on & figure out what they can do about it. 


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If people are changing the ways they engage with work then careers workers need to reform the help they offer.  There are few twenty-first-century answers to twenty-second-century questions.

There's a lot to catch up on.  Key areas of careers-work thinking need updating.  The links to the thinking include the originals, so that you can track the background for reform.  The new thinking is re-aligned to an increasingly commercial world, driven by a disturbingly clever information technology. 

Other links feature a widening range of new & radical ideas for supporting the reform and expansion of careers work.  All accommodate new thinking for twenty-first century reform.


  • wnat's the thinking?


>    updating career-learning theory thinking/careerlearning.html


>    change, politics & education thinking/edctnmngrph34.pdf


>    good use for bad news

>    career management as hold-&-let


>    C20th complacency & C21st failure


>    dangers in colluding with power


>    ups & downs in life design


>    past, present & future feminism


>    student-educator-stakeholder partnerships

      coming soon...



The implications of all this are far-reaching, both for policy & for education - & for any viable relationship between them.


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