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WED: Online Safety: Can Parental Networking combined with Parent Guides assist in keeping Children Safe Online (Greg Keating)

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greg keating
10 January 2016

At the start of 2015, after a recent Ofsted inspection, the educational institute I work at had various issues that needed to be addressed. The primary concern of this report was student safeguarding and more specifically e-safety. Internally, throughout the remainder of the year online safety was addressed. A problem that remains, regards the failings concerning the children who are complaining of external issues which is where the majority of the school’s safeguarding complications arise.

As I was the lead for the internal project within the school this concerned me. How do we stop children from having so many issues at home? Why is this still a concern after all that we had been doing in school?

Resulting from this recent development my belief is that online safety is not just an issue that ‘should be embedded throughout schools safeguarding practice’ Kent E-safety Officer (2014) It is additionally something that needs to be embedded in a child’s home life. There are several studies that have suggested that ‘Parental involvement in children’s education from an early age has a significant effect on educational achievement’. DFSAF (2008)

Online safety is not a talent that will directly impact a child’s achievement in a given subject however it is a key skill that needs to be ingrained into the ‘digital native generation’ M Prensky (2001)

An outcome that I wish my product and then final presentation to focus on is the importance of educating parents or guardians that are at home in addition to children regarding any issues on the given topic. This does not mean that I am solely suggesting that parents are the issue but in educating parents in addition to children I am hopeful that this will solve some issues.

Students can complete worksheets, attend classes, assemblies and enrichment days in an academic year, however if  this education is not being supported at home when they are using social media, using games consoles or texting then it will not be effective. However, if the parents have not got the resources openly available to them then this becomes more of a challenge.

As a result, the product will consist of an interactive multimedia product that will give the parents the information that they need with the addition of online support via social media and chat rooms.

The presentation will aim to conclude the innovative idea with the primary purpose of the discussion regarding the resource aimed at the effectiveness of the multimedia product and if it has met key targets. I will aim to justify my choice of approach while ensuring that all viewers of the presentation are aware of my initial outcomes how I have conducted the research and implemented the product while making it accessible and showing my conclusions on the success of the resource based on the opinions of networking with peers.   

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It is on the H818 OpenStudio page and if anyone would like a link to it then I will have to email directly (as it stands)

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greg keating
18:34 on 17 February 2016

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