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Jenny Bolton
30 January 2016

There are several cheap and safe natural ways of breast enlargement. However, they have some disadvantages; they are time-consuming especially if you are an impatient woman. Fortunately, there some tricks that you can help you to make your breasts look bigger.

1. Standing upright
Posture improvement does not cost anything and can be done anytime. Slouching, on the other hand, makes your breast look small, and it is also not good for the spine. An upright posture can significantly improve the look and size of your breasts. An upright posture also gives you confidence since you will always appear board and outstanding. Curled posture can make your peers curious about what you are trying to hide which can lower your esteem as a result.

2. Clothes that enhance breast size
Clothes with a detailed neckline are great in improving the appearance of your breasts. Scoop necklines and low V clothes can create a bad impression of shrinking size of your breasts. High and gathered necklines are most flattering for women with small breasts since they make them look bigger.

3. Exercises
Exercising does not only give you an excellent body shape but also enhances the look of your breast. Some exercises such as pushups, chest presses, wall pushups, chest pushups and bench presses can enhance your breasts to make the look bigger and firm. Exercising improves air circulation and also stretches the tissues around the breast thus enlarging them. You do not need to spend the whole day in the gym excising, 30 minutes a day are enough.(Boost Your Bust) by Jenny Bolton reviews

4. Massage
According to the research that was carried out by the of Institute of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine massaging the breasts regularly can breasts. Just like exercising, massage enhances blood flow and stretches cells around the breast making them enlarge and become firmer. Natural oils such as almond oil and olive oil are highly recommended in massaging the breasts since they are very sensitive.

If you feel that that your breasts are not big enough, then the above techniques can help you to improve them.

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