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Khan Academy analytics (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


The Khan Academy is a set of freely accessible online video-centric learning resources, principally focusing on declarative and procedural knowledge, covering a wide range of subjects at levels suitable for school-aged and adult learners. Learning analytics figures in three ways: as the engine for services offered by the Khan Academy through the web pages; as access to data for analytics processes undertaken by third parties; and as a means of continuous design enhancement.

Khan Academy provides information to teachers/coaches on individual and class-level performance. This provides summary estimates of effort, engagement, and difficulty with the material. The learning materials are mapped to a set of skills, with various mastery levels for each; the teacher/coach can drill-down to this level and use the information on progress or difficulty to recommend materials for follow-on or under-pinning skills, or to instigate an alternative learning activity (e.g. outside Khan Academy).

Khan Academy provides a dashboard for learners and this shows progress against skills (as for the teacher/coach) and activity pattern in time and against different skills.

Data access by third parties is via a web-standards based API and gives differentiated access according to the data type. Video, playlist, topic/skill maps, and exercise data is open access. User-level activity and progress logs are secured, requiring login and authorisation.


Inventory type:

general analytics tool (access to the API), learner support tool, smart system

Role of analytics:

adaptation, description, modelling, recommendation, summarisation, visualisation

Data sources:

uses own data

adaptation, personalisation, student model,



Tool in Context


Informal, post-compulsory, school, VET

Supply model:

Privately hosted software: free access


Khan Academy: non-profit

Ethics and privacy:

Khan Academy is a Student Privacy Pledge signatory and has a public statement of privacy principles, including how data is collected, how it is used, retention, sharing, and user control. They make explicit reference to child users.


There are separate versions of the Khan Academy site in English, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Content is available in over 30 languages

Maturity and Evidence of Utility

The data-centred services offered by Khan Academy have continued to evolve with analytics on service usage being a significant source of evidence in the development. There are numerous examples of use worldwide.

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