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OU Analyse (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of The Open University, UK developed OU Analyse – software that predicts students at risk. OU Analyse builds upon two previous projects (Retain and the OU-Microsoft Research Cambridge project). OU analyse uses machine-learning techniques to develop predictive models based on demographics and VLE usage data.


The software provides a dashboard reporting the aggregated prediction value of several models for all students of a module. Furthermore, the tool discloses the underlying reasoning for its prediction. Currently, the institute develops an activity recommender that can recommend activities to students to improve their performance. Course chairs, module teams, and student support teams use the predictions of OU Analyse to contact and support students.


Inventory type:

learner support tool

analytics for assessment

Role of analytics:


summarisation & description





Data sources:

sources data from other system(s): management information systems, virtual learning environment, assessment system



Tool in Context


Higher education

Supply model:

Privately hosted software


collaborative or institutional project

Ethics and privacy:

The Open University has set out ethical guidelines on the use of data for learning analytics



Maturity and Evidence of Utility

OU Analyse's development was accompanied by several scientific pilot studies. The software is used across the university and received substantial coverage in the press.

Further Information

Tool provider’s website:

Example(s) of use:–-30-july-2015


Rienties, Bart; Cross, Simon and Zdrahal, Zdenek (2016). Implementing a learning analytics intervention and evaluation framework: what works? In: Kei Daniel, Ben and Butson, Russell eds. Big Data and Learning Analytics in Higher Education: Current Theory and Practice. Heidelberg: Springer.

Kuzilek, Jakub; Hlosta, Martin; Herrmannova, Drahomira; Zdrahal, Zdenek and Wolff, Annika (2015). OU Analyse: analysing at-risk students at The Open University. Learning Analytics Review, LAK15-1 pp. 1–16.


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