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Skillaware (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


Skillaware is a company base in Italy that designs learning environment software for workplace learning and training. The program is used simultaneously with pre-existing company software or procedures to determine worker effectiveness and areas where training may be useful. Through a variety of tools, Skillaware captures user activities and behaviours within existing software.


The SkillEditor function captures user behaviours and automatically suggests trainings to make their use of various forms of software more productive. The SkillAgent function provides suggestions for next steps in a task when a user seems to need assistance.


Additionally, the SkillAnalyzer tool allows company analysts to watch real-time user activity and provide data visualisation for management staff.


Inventory type:

learner support tool

design and planning tool

Role of analytics:



Data sources:

uses own data, sources data from other systems (varies by user)


data visualisation, user modelling

Tool in Context



Supply model:

self-hosted server software


Skillaware: analytics vendor

Ethics and privacy:

No explicit ethics or privacy policies can be found currently. However, the company works to provide programs for individual use within existing company practices, and ethics practices may vary between customers.


English, Italian, German

Maturity and Evidence of Utility

Preliminary analysis in the form of a conference paper has suggested the software’s validity. However, there are relatively few case studies or examples of use of the software. More empirical evidence will be needed in the future to validate the company's maturity and evidence of utility.

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