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SNAPP (LAEP Inventory)

Cloud created by:

Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


The Social Networks Adapting Pedagogical Practice (SNAPP) tool performs real-time social network analysis and data visualisation of forum discussion activity on commercial and open source learning management systems (LMSs). Reasons for using such a tool include the identification of isolated students, facilitator-centric network patterns, group malfunction, and users who bridge smaller networks.


Some basic descriptive data are available about the users, including total number of posts, number of posts per user, post and reply frequencies by user, and who is interacting with whom.


Research conducted with the tool includes: monitoring student networks, temporal participant interaction, and assessing broad-based admissions.


Inventory type:

learner support tool

design and planning tool

analytics for assessment

Role of analytics:

statistical inference


summarisation & description


Data sources:

uses data from LMS discussion boards


social network analysis, visualisation

Tool in Context


postsecondary education

Supply model:

privately hosted software


University of Wollongong

Ethics and privacy:




Maturity and Evidence of Utility

The project includes both national and international partners. There have been many research studies conducted with the tool.

Further Information

Tool provider’s website:

Highlighted research – ten research publications related to SNAPP:

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