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Student Success Plan (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


Student Success Plan (SSP) is software to support case management of student support: counselling, coaching, pastoral care, etc. It has light-weight data analytics, principally focused on the management and enhancement of student support services. It is being adopted to support action-taking in relation to predictive analytics.


SSP is designed to improve retention, academic performance, persistence, graduation rates, and time to completion. Through counselling, web-based support systems, and proactive intervention techniques, students are identified, supported and monitored. The software provides case management tools for handling staff, student, and student-services communications, action planning, planning academic choices, alerting, student self-assessment and progress monitoring.


SSP is not a single ‘out of the box’ solution, but a set of configurable components adopting an open architecture such that they can be integrated into a variety of system landscapes. An Open Source Software edition is available, overseen by the Apereo Foundation.


Inventory type:

learner support tool

design and planning tool

Role of analytics:

summarisation & description

Data sources:

uses own data, sources data from other system(s): management information systems


case management, open source

Tool in Context



Supply model:

self-hosted server software

privately hosted software


Unicon: TEL vendor (open source)

Previously Sinclair Community College: institutional project

Ethics and privacy:

Ethics and privacy matters have been considered from an early stage; the software was developed in an educational setting around existing norms of professional practice in student support.



Maturity and Evidence of Utility

Student Success Plan was developed by Sinclair Community College (SCC), supported by grant funding, and has been in use for ten years. It has been recognized with 11 awards in the USA and is now adopted by Unicon, an Open Source Software development, hosting, and support services provider.


According to Sinclair statistics from 2005 – 2011, students using SSP were five times more likely to graduate. For quarter-to-quarter retention rates (Fall ’10 to Winter ’11), transitioned SSP students (students who have completed the SSP process) had a 37% higher rate of retention compared to students who qualified for the program but did not participate and a 26% higher rate of retention than students not designated ‘at risk’. [Figures from Unicon web site]

Further Information

Tool provider’s website:

Unicon distribution and services for SSP:

Apereo Foundation, the Open Source custodian of SSP:


Example(s) of use:

See also LAEP Inventory records:

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