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Enhancing teaching and learning through learning analytics and educational data mining (US Department of Education) (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


This policy brief, written by Marie Bienkowski, Mingyu Feng, and Barbara Means, was published in an issue brief by the US Department of Education. The goal of this brief is to educate both policymakers and administrators on how analytics and data mining have been applied as well as how they could be applied for educational improvement.


The report defines both learning analytics as well as educational data mining. There is a diagram of the components of an adaptive learning system. Adaptive learning is described from the student perspective (using Khan Academy) and the teacher perspective (using ASSITments).


Adoption and Implementation advice

  1. Advice for educators and administrators
    1. be intelligent consumers of data
    2. generate demand for products that have useful features.
  2. Institutional guidance
    1.  the cost to adopt analytics initiatives can exceed the technical capacity of the institution.


Policy-related advice

  1. Advice for educators and administrators
    1. Align technical requirements of local government policies with online learning.
    2. Consider privacy, policy, and legal issues when storing and analysing personally identifiable information from students.



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adoption/implementation advice

analysis of policy-related issues

Document source:

SRI funded by US Department of Education


impact, ethics

Policy Context


school and post-compulsory


United States


The policy brief is linked to Privacy, Ethics, Institutional Capacity.

Maturity and Evidence of Utility

This is a document about learning analytics written in 2012 by a well-respected research organization, SRI international. It provides a good starting point for concepts such as adaptive systems as well as some advice about how a variety of stakeholders can influence the development of the field.

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