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Learning Analytics at the Workplace manifesto – LACE (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


The Learning Analytics at the Workplace (LAW) manifesto is a document created for the Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE). Its creation followed a 2015 ‘workplace learning’ session of a learning analytics workshop in Brussels, supported by the European Parliament. 


The manifesto first highlights the current state of the ar’ of European manufacturing, as well as potential industry changes in the future. In particular, 3D printing, Internet of Things, digital disruptions and Industry 4.0 are discussed. Next, the document highlights the 21st-century skills needed to address and embrace these changes, and proposes adoption of learning analytics to support increased workplace learning of these skills.


The stakeholders for adopting learning analytics for workplace learning are described in detail in three primary areas: industry, education and society. Suggestions are offered at multiple levels, including tips for industry leaders, employers, workers, universities, teachers, social partners, teacher unions and trade unions. Finally, the future of learning analytics for workplace learning is addressed.


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good practice advice

analysis of policy-related issues

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Non-governmental public body: LACE


Workplace learning

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International: Europe


This manifesto is not explicitly linked to any formal policies, but rather gives policy suggestions for those wishing to adopt learning analytics measures in the workplace. Members of the LAW work group include representatives from SkillAware and the EU-funded WatchMe project.

Maturity and Evidence of Utility

This policy document was compiled by a number of representatives with diverse roles within both the higher education and industry sectors. The sources the document draws upon are also diverse and include empirical studies. However, other than the LAW working group, there are no stated collaborations with either practitioners or researchers, which may be a consideration for future policy statements. This document is also written from a European perspective, although those from other countries may find it useful.

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