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Ceibal (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


Uruguay has adopted a 1:1 approach to its education system. After delivering laptops (or tablets) to their students and providing software such as an adaptive mathematics tutor, the country examined the impact that upgrading the internet connection had on completion rates of learning activities using the software.


During the five-year project the country delivered 450,000 XO laptops to students. As well as putting devices into the hands of students and teachers the project implemented an intelligent tutor. The goal was to remove the digital gap between students who had access to technology and those who did not.


Some critics raised the point that this was a large investment to access technology and questioned whether more emphasis should have been placed on the pedagogy of effective use of technology.


Estimated cost of the project was put at £159 per student with an estimated on-going annual maintenance cost of £13 per student. During the five-year project the cost was estimated at under 5% of the national budget for education.


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example at scale



Context of Practice




national: Uruguay


formative evaluation, project based learning, personalization,

Practical Matters

Tools used:

Plan Ceibal Information System, LMS Crea, PAM (adaptive math tutor), ZABBIX (infrastructure monitor), Data warehouse

Design and implementation:

There was a study conducted to examine the impact of upgrading the internet connection on completion rates of learning activities on the software. The analysis used a random and stratified sample across two populations: Interior Urban (IU) and Montevideo Metropolitan Area (MMV). Upgrading the Internet connection for schools was associated with an order of magnitude of improvement in the use of the math tutor software in IU schools. The report described the IU as having an initial condition of a less favourable learning environment.

Maturity and Evidence of Utility


Further Information

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