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Patrick McAndrew
26 February 2009

Open Educational Resources could be a new way for education to operate - but what issues need to be addressed if OER is to meet its their promise?

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Robert Schuwer
7:04pm 3 March 2009

Effects of OER on study behaviour of the users.

M. S. Vijay Kumar
4:52pm 4 March 2009

Can OERs help rethink the production and delivery of education for more value at lesser cost?

WIll need to build models and gather evidence

Katherine Fletcher
4:56pm 4 March 2009

How do people find high quality OER? What sorts of information are most useful? User ratings, expert ratings, recommendations, discussion forums around the content, popularity, tags and vocabularies applied to the material.

4:58pm 4 March 2009

Licensing policies and terms of use - specific research needed to determine levels:  free but not remixable, for example

4:59pm 4 March 2009

Research on what is portable across cultures 

5:05pm 4 March 2009

Definition of terms - "collaboration" and "openness" may have different connotations for different contexts

Kathy Nicholson
5:12pm 4 March 2009

What are the common characteristics of OER projects that have started small and been able to scale (regionally, nationally, internationally)? 

Sara Crouse
5:14pm 4 March 2009

Research could help inform how much public/gov't funding goes into development of resources/text books/teacher training materials. There are a multitude of development and funding models for teacher materials, and we need to better understand this landscape.

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