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Alain Hickey
24 March 2016

TitleA Neighbourhood Watch Meeting


I was the teacher of a multilingual adult class who were learning English as a second language. 


This lesson occured a few weeks ago in a classroom where I teach English as a second language. The class was an intermediate level of multilingual students from various countries around the world and who all wanted to improve their English.


I first taught some vocabulary in relation to crime and punishment. I then set up a Neighbourhood Watch meeting in which each student was given a role to play such as 'a resident', 'a local MP', 'local chief of police' etc. The students had to role-play the meeting and try to come up with 5 solutions to stop the increase of crime in their neighbourhood. The measure of success was that they could all agree on 5 solutions and thus improve their fluency.


I frst elicited the meaning of some vocabulary to do with crime such as 'mugging', 'pickpocketing' etc. I then set up the debate giving each student a character to play. While the students were doing the role-play I sat aside and made notes of any problems in relation to pronunciation, vaocabulary and grammar. At the end of the task I gave the students feedback based on my notes.


An unexpected outcome was that at first the studetns didn't initiate the meeting by asking each other questions and communicating. I had to then dictate when it was each student's turn to talk.


On reflection, I now understand that I should have got each student to introduce themseleves just like what would happen in a real life meeting. I feel this would have opened up the role-play and got them talking from the outset and furthermore would have represented a more authentic real life meeting scenario.


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