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Anita Houghton H800 - March 2016 - 4T's and e-Design Template

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Anita Houghton
1 April 2016


Reminds me of the lesson planning (which others have stated in their cloud). 

Liked it simplicity compared to some of the other models.

It can communicate the design but timing would be context specific.

It brings the use of technology to the forefront, traditional lesson plans within FE would highlight other skills such as English and maths. 

It overlaps with my activity in respect of the tasks, teams and technology, however, the time aspect would be a bit irrelevant on the tasks in my activity.   


e-Design template

Highly readable, although, I found the middle two categories may be hard to distinguish between. 

Assumption that should be aiming for the top one – self organised activities.  Is it appropriate that all activities get there? 

My reflection regarding my internet activity suggested applying their knowledge to a professional forum which is moving towards self organised activities.

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