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Laura's review of 2 representaitons

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laura nicholson
2 April 2016

I looked at the 4SPPIces Model (with LD shake) and the ISiS Model. I understood both (after doing a little further research on LD shake) but overall I found the ISiS model clearer in relation to understanding the processes involved throughout the whole design process.

The 4SPPIces model seems useful to encourage collaboration between lecturers and I like the fact that each can have an input in the overall design process. This facilitates sharing of tried and tested methods in order to arrive at a well-structured lesson design. However, I did find it less useful in helping me to see the bigger picture with regards to the overall narrative of the lesson.

The ISiS model was very in depth and required a lot of information to be inputted throughout the various stages of design. It covers the overall intentions of the designer, the strategies and sequences that are intended to be utilised and the tools and resources to be used. This level of depth enabled me to clearly identify how the whole process worked but it did leave me questioning whether it was just a little too time consuming and technical to be utilised by non-specialists.

I think both are useful, I think it really depends on what is being designed as to which approach would be most suitable.

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