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Hara Kyriakidou's narrative

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Hara Kyriakidou
3 April 2016

Title Hara Kyriakidou’s design narrative



I am a primary school teacher, and the ICT coordinator at my school. I am also involved in many programs concerning internet safety.



The idea was to celebrate safe internet day on the 9th of February 2016 with my 3rd grade students. Most of the activities took place in the classroom but our work was also presented in the school’s assembly room. The key actors were my 8 year old 3rd grade students (16 students) and our “audience” was the rest of the school. They were assigned the role of internet safety “experts” of the schools who had to share their knowledge with others.



Our intention was to inform our schoolmates about the importance of internet safety and the “dangers” they may encounter online.


  1. We decided the areas of internet safety we would refer to (online games, cyberbullying, personal information on the web, misleading information on the web).
  2. In groups, the students studied some case studies about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ online behaviour and discussed advice they would give to the people in the case studies.
  3. In groups, the students created “fairy tales” about the topics mentioned above. Each group was given a classic fairy tale (Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs) which they had to rewrite so that it would become related to internet safety.
  4. The students were regrouped and they had to create an internet safety poster.
  5. As a class we agreed on a code of conduct, which we signed.
  6. We presented all our work to other classes and teachers.


The obstacles mainly had to do with technical problems on our computers, so some groups had to use pen and paper.


The expected results were that my students learned about internet safety and could create a variety of content. The unexpected results were their “confession” of experiencing cyberbullying, which will be one the topics we will address in the future. As a teacher, I believe that we reached our objectives to learn and teach about internet safety. Another important outcome was the building of collaborative skills and self confidence which was a result of groupwork and their experience as “experts”.



It was a very interesting experience for me to see my students creating their own content and working efficiently in their groups. My role was limited in their learning experience, which I found helped them engage more in their own learning. Something which was also helpful and made my students become more engaged was the assignment as their role as “experts” and “teachers”. It is a practice I will use in further lessons.

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Ruth Findlater
1:19am 15 May 2016

Hara, first of all, I am sorry that I had not seen your work before - I have only come across it whilst preparing for the TMA2!

I love your approach to the subject, the use of rewritting fairy tales was an excellent idea

Thank you for your narrative, but the biggest thanks for embedding a Compendium LD piece into it. i think your Compendium was the first one that I have seen where I can really understand what you are doing, the resources you are planning on using and the support that the tutor/teacher will provide.  Did you find it gave you anything extra/different from the usual lesson plan that you would prepare?

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