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Hara Kyriakidou-comparing representations

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Hara Kyriakidou
6 April 2016

Review of CADMOS and e-Design template

 I found the CADMOS model much easier to understand than the e-Design model. I think this is because it is similar to the way I organize my lessons so I could easily relate to it. The e-Design model better expresses the principles behind each activity and by whom it is managed (teacher or student). However, the CADMOS model can express the concepts through the conceptual model but also a clearer representation of how the lesson proceeds through the flow model. I think I would use e-Design to communicate my ideas with other teachers and the CADMOS model for my personal use or for someone who is observing my lesson in person.

Thus, I would use CADMOS for my learning design since it would be useful to view it through both the conceptual and flow model. It would improve my learning design because it would have additional information such as the time for each activity and a clearer representation of the organization of the classroom (groups, pairs etc) 


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