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Jonathan's H800 CloudQuester Cloud

Cloud created by:

Jonathan Harding
7 April 2016

This cloud contains the answers (approximate) to the H800 Module 2 Wk8/9 Activity 1A Cloudquest Challenge.

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Jonathan Harding
9:04pm 7 April 2016

The (approximate) answers to the first four H800 Cloudquest Challenge questions:

There are 16 or 17 Patrick firstnames registered on Cloudworks (depending on interpretation).

There are lots of people from the OU registered on Cloudworks - there appears to be no total number given and I am not going to count what appears to be at least several hundred entries.

155 people are following Rebecca Galley

Three people following Juliette Culver: Graine Conole; Martin Weller; Andrew Brasher

NB.  It was diffcult to locate the 'people' and 'institution' buttons which made answering these questions possible.  These buttons need to be located either on the CloudWorks Homepage or to have a pathway created that leads to them (rather than having to cast around various pages in a rather random fashion).

Jonathan Harding
9:34pm 7 April 2016

An interesting cloud on collaborative learning:

Three Steps to a Collaborative Learning Environment: a module for teachers and trainers in the post-16 sector (John Baglow)


A thoughtful presentation and thought-provoking discussion trail.  Lots of useful points and thoughts relevant to my context.

Jonathan Harding
9:46pm 7 April 2016

A cloudscape of interest to me:

E-assessment - A compendium of resources

A cloudscape set up for a conference:

The Art and Science of Learning Design (ASLD) Workshop, 2011

Jonathan Harding
9:52pm 7 April 2016

A cloud I find particularly interesting (because the 'flipped classroom' is a term much bandied around our hierarchy at present with little understanding of the investment required of such an approach and its benefits and weaknesses):

SAT: A Flipped Classroom on Flipped Classrooms (Maxine Armstrong)

Jonathan Harding
10:07pm 7 April 2016

Lots of H800 Cloudquest clouds that mention mindmapping - some very useful indeed.  I have found and copied a mindmap into the embedded content above.

One cloud dealing specifically with mindmapping is:

Good examples of mindmapping in teaching?

Jonathan Harding
11:55am 8 April 2016

Here are the first three items tagged 'Twitter' (there are 1600 results in total):
A phenomenological enquiry into the disposition of higher education lecturers towards the adoption of Twitter practices by Helen Crump · IET TCM Event 2013:  ...
Sep 11, 2009 ... Matt has set up a quick survey to ask people how using twitter has impacted on how much they blog or not. The results are really interesting.
Mar 14, 2011 ... But the nagging question remains: Are we missing something, as educators, if we aren't using Twitter? Is Twitter worth your time?

Jonathan Harding
11:57am 8 April 2016

The most recent cloud created:

Dan Barrington’s design narrative: Process Change - Creating Online Reading Lists in Talis Aspire


Jonathan Harding
12:03pm 8 April 2016

The most recent link to the Flash Debates cloudscape:

"We are all learners and teachers." Is technology blurring the boundary between the two?

Jonathan Harding
12:05pm 8 April 2016

Three words to describe Cloudworks: Interesting, useful but confusing

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