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H800 Learning Design

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Gavin King
8 April 2016

Foolin' around with moodlin'

Science teacher/co-ordinator for year level

All students have to learn how to write chemical formulation. This isa task where students must first memorise the chemical symbol, then the probable charge of ions, and then how those charges would combine, so that students can, given the chemical formula give the correct name according to the current rules laid down by IUPAC (international Chemistry Union - the people that decide on element names among other things) and when given the name, give the correct formula. Students are in year 9 (UK equivalent) We were two UK trained teachers teaching this level, who have had to learn thi information since in the UK this is not considered valuable or necessary (two other teachers have/had BSc in Chemistry and did not know how to do it until they came to Spain - it is pure memorisation of facts mostly available in a copy of the Periodic Table) I wanted to make computer based database of questions and answers to make the compulsory testing of this topic easier for the next year.

I wanted a database of questions with the correct answers tested by students, The tests could be used again as revision actvivities by the students this year. I would have been happy with the knowledge that each question had been tested at least 85 time (the number of students) and that as such the answers could be relied upon with some confidence.

1. set up the moodle with a blank format - I later decided that the next iteration would have a different format - it was a little cumbersome.
2. have all my students log in to the moodle and self register their accounts.
3. have the other teacher take access, and do the same with his students.
4. start to write 20 questions weekly for 5 weeks (total around 100)
5. give the students a test every Friday with the 20 questions for the week, then go through the 60 or so problems that arose from questions and answers -
6. in each iteration I changed something to make the questions and answers better for the learners - adding a more detailed answer key, making the font larger, etc, and then went back to alter the 'older' questions so they fit

The students completed the tests and revised for them
The answers were checked and by the end were probably correct, with most possible correct answers included.
I learnt about different question types and chaged the type of test I wrote to a more complex type of question
The new questions allowed students to see when they had committed a spelling error.
The students got instant feedback in their tests.
The students used the tests as revision once they finished them.
The tests are avaible for next year.
The students that failed the test blamed the medium, not the test.

I learnt about different types of question in moodle.
I learnt that my institution does not accept that mistakes will be made in learning processes.

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