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Rob Moore's design Narrative: From MOD to Renewable Energy

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Robert Moore
8 April 2016

Title From MOD to Renewable Energy


I was comissioned to write an introductory training session for use with military personnel about to leave military service and looking for new careers.


Whilst senior military personnel in the UK are well qualified and find new roles outside military service failry easy to find, the lwer ranks, whilst well trained, find it more difficult to transfer the skills they have developed into civilian life. Each individual has a generous training budget to help them resettle, but lack of knowledge and good advice results in the training budget being wasted.


My task was to write a six hour training course, to be delivered in one day to a mixture of army, navy and airforce personnel, of differing ranks, that would show case the opprotunities in the renewable energy sector and help them to identify: the transferable skills they had, the relevant experience, gaps in their knowledge and effective trainig to fill the gaps.


Stage 1) research the skills and expereince likely to be gained by the different services and different ranks.

Stage 2) carry out a mapping exercise between the skills and experience and roel available in the Renewables Industry.

Stage 3) Create resources, to be used by third party trainers, that were accesible and jargon free.

Stage 4) Train the trainers in delivering the material as intended.


There were two big challenges in the exercise:

1) getting access to sufficient military personnel to give a good overview of their skills and experience. This was acheived thorugh face to face meetings and through existign career counsellors who helped a lot.

2) cutting through the military and power industry jargon. It felt like we were speakign different languages at times.

In teh end the trainig ended up as:

  • An overview of renewables technologies and teh roles available
  • A personal exercise based on transferable skills and experience
  • A matching exercise between personal skills and expereince and renewable indutry job roles
  • A personal development plan for individuals who tehn wanted to pursue the industry further, idenitfying the most suitable training for their situation and the role they wanted.

Overall the exercise was a success, with the main aims of raising awareness of the industry and the best training options to enter the industry being met. Because delivery was through third party trainers the feedabck was quite limited and I did not get the opportunity to deliver a course myself, I only had feedback from the trainers to go on and this was positive.


From this activity it became clear that insider knowledge of the subject matter was essential. I am an expert on renewable energy job roles but not military roles, so if I were to undertake this type of activitiy again i woudl partner with someone with the complementary skill set rather than try to pick the brains of experts.

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