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Nicola McIntyre's design representation analysis

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Nicola McIntyre
11 April 2016

The 4SPPIces approach to design appealed to me because all aspects of the design process are clearly laid out giving an instant snapshot of the full process.  For this reason, I think that this approach is highly readable particularly when considered with the graphic although the use of  abbreviations throughout the text required constant referal back to their meanings.  The result is that the 4SPPIces approach is highly usable and would require much less input from the user than the other approaches.

The DPD approach provided a high level description of the process and hence seemed somewhat vague.  However the table with it's highlighted principles for each aspect of the process clarified the approach for me and following on from this realisation, everything else clicked into place.  This approach would be particulalry useful if the user wishes to consider how each activity in the process is linked with the appropriate pedagogical theory.

For my own essay writing for science students design narrative, , the 4SPPIces approach would be unecessarily complex as there is no need to consider how technicians would fit into the activity. As mentioned in Persico et al 2013, the effort of using this approach would not be balanced out by the benefits of using it.

The DPD approach on the other hand would be much more appropriate particularly because it would allow a consideration of the most appropriate type of activity for each stage in the process.

Persico, D., Pozzi, F., Anastopoulou, S., Conole, G., Craft, B., Dimitriadis, Y., Hernández-Leo, D., Kali, Y., Mor, Y., Pérez-Sanagustín, M. and Walmsley, H. (2013) ‘Learning design Rashomon I: supporting the design of one lesson through different approaches’, Research in Learning Technology Supplement, vol.21. Available from 10.3402/ rlt.v21i0.20224 (last accessed 24 November 2015).

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