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Angela Representations 4ts and 4spplces

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angela bonehill
15 April 2016

4 T’s model

The components





Although at first glance is seems streamlined and linear, the points about the designer having to juggle all 4 t’s and that they have an impact on each one could be frustrating and I feel students would become frustration and choose to opt out. The swim lane exercise might need a number of attempts to complete. It is a good visual tool and looks easy to follow; breaking down the 4 ts is a good idea and makes it a SMART activity where you assess each area, it seems to be a good exercise that could be used for any activity.

The 4SPPIces Model is another effective tool and I liked the idea of having a specialist on hand

There are 4 elements:

1.Pedagogical Method




It gives a quick summary and one that can evolve where students and staff can input and change. It looks easy to use and one that anyone even those who have very little knowledge and understanding of technology can use due to the simplistic operating system. The fact that the student can be anywhere and still access the activity, although this would need to be planned when the staff are online. Our new planning will show the new teacher what resources needed and staff can look at previous lessons that are all on a shared area to see what students have previously been taught.

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