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The Open Research Agenda

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Rebecca Ferguson
17 May 2016

Robert Farrow, Beck Pitt, Beatriz de Los Arcos and Martin Weller

The Open Education Research Hub (OER Hub) is an award-winning open education research group based at The Open University, UK. The Open Research Agenda is a global consultation exercise that has been taking place throughout 2016. So far, contributions have been received from dozens of key stakeholders in the open education world and results presented at the Open Education Global 2016 in Krakow, Poland ( Results will also be presented at OER16, Open Education 2016 and other international meetings and events.

Key thematic findings that have already emerged include:
- Different research agendas for the Global North / Global South
- Understanding barriers to adoption
- Recognition of non-formal learning resulting from use of open resources
- Understanding OER policy through key implementation drivers
- Sustainability in the OER ecosystem

Being ‘flipped’, the consultation is also supported online through the project website and social media accounts, allowing contribution from those who cannot make the session in person but also allowing participants to connect with others who have taken part.

As of April 2016 we have received contributions from 60+ respondents across 17 countries (5 continents) but this is expected to significantly increase by the time of presentation. Presenting results at The Open University will allow this community to have input into the research agenda and the wider global discussion around the future of open education research.

Contributions may be made at

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Robert Farrow
10:14 on 6 June 2016

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