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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
CRC PhD Student Conference Conference theme: Using a PhD in industry 38
CAL11 Conference CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) Conference 2011 5
CALRG 09 Conference 18th May 09, The Open University, UK 55
CALRG Annual Conference 2010 Computers and Learning Research Group Annual Conference 19
CALRG Conference 2011 Computers and Learning Research Group Annual Conference 12
CALRG Conference 2012 Annual conference held at The Open University, Milton Keynes 21
CALRG Conference 2016 Annual conference held at The Open University, Milton Keynes 39
CALRG Conference 2017 Annual conference held at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 52
CALRG Conference 2018 Annual conference held at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 0
CALRG conferences 191
Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education A place to capture and discuss presentations and exchanges from Cambridge 2012 17
CANCELLED-To be rescheduled next year-IET Technology Coffee Morning: Conducting usability evaluations remotely 1
CANCELLED: IET Technology Coffee Morning: Creating a Generalised TEL Evaluation Toolkit 2
CANCELLED:IET Coffee Morning session on The SocialLearn Project IET Technology Coffee Morning 4
Career Management Subset of the Research Degree Skills expected of students in the UK, as outlined by the Research Councils and AHRB 7
Careers Profession Alliance (CPA) The Careers Profession Alliance provides a unified voice for the careers profession in the UK 10
Careers Work Innovation A space for discussions around leading-edge ideas for careers work 124
Carly's OLDS MOOC portfolio 0
CaroCash curiosity cloudscape Learning journey space for OLDS mooc 2
Carolina Caldeira - Learning journal 1
Caroline Graham's MOOC Designs and Discussions 0
Caroline Graham's OLDS MOOC space 0
Caroline Graham's OLDS portfolio My portfolio for the OLDS MOOC 0
Carolines Personal Workspace 2
Carolyn's learning journal Objectives, plans and reflections 1
Carolyn's OLDS MOOC Cloudscape 2
Carpe Diem OULDI Learning Design Workshop - Online with SAIDE 19-30 March 2012 Workshop led by Beyond Distance at the University of Leicester for the South African Institute for Distance Education 5
Catherine El-Bez's OLDS MOOC portfolio my portfolio of owrk for the OLDS MOOC 4
Catherine's Cloudscape MOOC Designs and discussions. 1
Cathie's OLDS MOOC portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 2
CCK 2009 3
CDE Fellows A Cloud for Fellows and Visiting Fellows of the Centre for Distance Education, part of the University of London External System 0
CEFcult / WebCEF A Cloudscape about the CEFcult Project 1
CETIS Conference 2009 10th-11th November 2009, The Lakeside, Conference Aston,Birmingham 14
CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn meeting The first event of JIS CETIS Open Educational Resources and the OER working group meeting. 11
CETL & L&T using Cloudworks Demo/Workshop OULTG Group Demo/Workshop on Cloudworks 0
CETL and L&T Groups Workshop OULTG Group Workshop 0
Change Management in HE Change Management in HE 4
Changing the Learning Landscape project: Student participation in the Virtual Graduate School 2
Charlene Cuatico's OLDS MOOC Portfolio Tools and Methods for Online Learning 0
Chris Basson's Cloudscape This will be my Cloudscape for OLDS MOOC 10
Chris Rowell's OLDS MOOC Portfolio Chris Rowell's OLDS MOOC Portfolio 0
Chris Teplovs's OLDS MOOC Portfolio nothing yet 2
Cindy's MOOC space A portfolio of course work 0
Clampitt's Cloudscape for the OLDS MOOC 0
Clampitt's Cloudscape for the OLDS MOOC 0
Clare's OLDS MOOC Portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC. 9
Classical Reception Studies Network (CRSN) Learning & Teaching Group CRSN Working Group on teaching Classical Reception at university level 2
Clem's OLDS MOOC Portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 6
Cloud Computing Resources on Cloud Computing 2
Cloud computing - security, market development and prospects for the G-Cloud Senior-level public policy keynote seminar organised by the Westminster eForum 0
Clouds 9.1 0
Cloudworks - the movie Evolving set of clouds with users reflecting on cloudworks and its use 19
Cloudworks away day, September 2010 4
Cluster C November CAMEL Meeting Cloudscape to support November Cluster C CAMEL Meeting 11
Collaborative Dialogue drawing together resources for collobarative dialogue 1
collaborative learning 8
Collaborative learning Research contributions, ideas and proposals to improve mapping of collaborative learning 13
Collections of Case Studies 5
College of Lived Experience (COLE) Building a learning environment for/with people who have personal experience of overcoming disadvantage 6
Combining study and work Setting Priorities 0
Communicating physics Communicating physics ideas to people 2
Communication Skills Subset of the Research Degree Skills expected of students in the UK, as outlined by the Research Councils and AHRB 6
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Using computers to teach and learn foreign languages 11
Concevoir, évaluer, partager des dispositifs d'apprentissage intégrant du numérique. Ateliers de 0
ConCurrent Design for Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Transfer Applying Concurrent design to the development of cross-sectoral training for knowledge transfer & entrepreneurship 1
Conference: Annual International CODE Symposia Issues and Practices of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning 6
Conference: AprenRed WebCitizenship V 2
Conference: ASCILITE 2009 6-8th December 2009, Auckland, New Zealand 16
Conference: Blended learning conference at Massey University 10th, 11th and 14th December, Massey University 6
Conference: Design and learning conference 2
Conference: E-Assessment Scotland 2010: Marking the Decade 2
Conference: Online Educa Berlin 2010 Conference in Berlin 1
Conference: Tech it up! Conference Kamloops, 22nd-24th October 2009 5
Conference: Turning e-learning into common standard 7
ConnectEd Conference Learning Design Workshop Workshop at the ConnectEd conference 28th June 2010 6
ConnectEd Design conference 1
Connecting Learning and Quality Starts as listing of clouds with some content about quality 8
Connections-between nations, regions and MK A space for clouds linkng parts of the Open University together 6
Conole: MOOC 2012 6
Consultation exercise: on a review of OER case studies and associated Open Educational Practices OPAL project consultation 4
Context for Learning Design What's important about context for learning design? 3
Contextualise your project (using scenarios) Develop initial scenarios to facilitate participation, drive inquiry into context, and develop understanding of context. 58
Contextualising (Reusable) Content across Communities How reuseable resources and content can be contextualised using CoPs 10
Contrasts and contradictions in learner experience research A cloudscape to support the ELESIG event 29 April 2010 8
Course Business Models workshop The Open University 7
Creative Mobile Learning and Teaching #CMLT14 EC-TEL 2014 workshop on innovative uses of mobile and wearable technologies to support creativity in learning and teaching. 6
Creativity in Education Hopefully, the start of a proper understanding and implementation of creativity in education. 16
CREET away day CREET Research away day 1st April 2009 2
Cris Neto's Personas My personas 1
Cris Neto's Portfolio for OLDS MOOC - UAb - Portugal Point of reflection and sharing 11
Criteria for Effective Learning Design We invite discussion about what ‘good’, ‘effective’, ‘useful’ or ‘right’ learning design is. 2
Critical literacies 3
Curriculum Design A cloudscape to gather together clouds about innovation in curriculum design 5
Curriculum Design Fest London South Bank University May 2010 OULDI-LSBU Learning Design Fest May 2010 14
Cyprus: Πρόγραμμα επιμόρφωσης στελεχών της εκπαίδευσης Η συνάντηση αφορά το θέμα της ένταξης των νέων Τεχνολογιών Πληροφορίας και Επικοινωνίας (ΤΠΕ) στην εκπαίδευση. 1