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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
e- learning adaptativo Diseñar una secuencia dentro de LAMS para la consecución de un proyecto colaborativo 1
E-Access 2011 conference The annual one-day accessibility conference, hosted by Headstar. 2
e-access'10 conference technology for all 7
e-access'13 conference The UK's leading conference on the design, access and use of technology by people of all abilities. 1
E-assessment - a compendium of resources 22
E-DynamicSpace: A consideration of tensions concerning design and educational artefacts The idea of this cloudscape is to create a space to write and share my ideas about this topic which is my PhD thesis 0
E-Learning 2010 2
E-learning design: Bridging the gap between theory and practice A look at how a university course was designed and implemented and the theory that brought that to fruition. 0
e-Learning Digest A monthly digest of e-Learning news 102
E-learning events List of conferences, workshops etc. 9
E-learning expo Conference 2
E-learning in a changing world conference Vilnius, Lithuania, 3-4th November 2011 2
e-portefólio Inês Araújo This will be my space to organize my activities on OLDS MOOC. 6
E-Portfolio Community of Practice JISC Funded Project 10
E.Lando OLDS Mooch Cloudscape MOOC designs and discussions. 1
EARLI 2011 Conference: Education for a Global Networked Society 2
Ebba PortfolioOLDSMOOC 2
Ebbas Learning Journal OLDSMOOC Ebbas Learning Journal 2
Ebbas Week 3 ideate OLDSMOOC Different approaches to design 3
eBooks and eBook readers Cloudscape for aggregating all clouds relating to the use of ebooks, ebook readers and ebook apps in education. 9
Eden conference 2009 Conference, Gdansk, June 2009 4
EDEN conference 2010 2
EDEN research workshop 6
Edmedia 2010 4
EdTech 2012 - - May 31st - June 1st, 2012 Annual Conference of Irish Learning Technology Association 0
Education e-learning 1
Education in Challenging Circumstances Contextual Factors Affecting Education 1
Educational development A cloudscape for educational and staff development 8
Edushare meeting - Turkey 2009 The final meeting of the Edushare project 5
EEE-Learn3-Sofocles 2011: WS on national TEL R&D projects EEE-Learn3-Sofocles 2011: Research workshop on three national TEL spanish R&D projects, Nov. 14-16, 2011, Valladolid, Spain 9
Efisher learning design portfolio My learning design portfolio 1
EFQUEL innovation forum 2010: Social inclusion, innovation and excellent EFQUEL conference 1
eLearning Cloudscape jstovell Cloudscape 1
eLearning Community 69
elearning web watch News, ideas and opinions from around the web 31
eLearning@Greenwich 2010 Future Learningscapes: a 21st Century Challenge The eighth e-learning@greenwich conference 3
Electronic Village Online Sessions A place to see all the activity in the EVO 3
ELESIG - Introductions Introductory Cloudscape for ELESIG 7
ELESIG - Readings What are ELESIG members reading about learner experiences of e-learning? 20
ELESIG - Resources Resources that ELESIG members are creating and have created together 31
Elizabeth FB's Cloud Cloud for OLDS MOOC 0
Elizabeth Kate Switaj's OLDS MOOC Portfolio 3
Elizabeth_g's OLD MOOCS Portfolio 1
ELLI Cloudscape The seven dimensions of learning power covered by the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) 12
Elluminate Elluminate Training and Conferencing Resources 1
Embedding emerging technology and the challenges of change management What happens if you've jumped the gap and the teachers 0
Emil's MOOC Cloudscape Sandbox for learning 0
Employer Engagement in a Digital Age. A one-day international conference 0
En Rumbo spanish course Resources related to the OU Spanish course En Rumbo L140 28
English language enhancement for academic purposes Enhancing English: blended learning for BA engineering students in the Middle East 6
Enhancement Academy, Progress Meeting 17th-18th May, Northumbria University 1
Enhancing learning and teaching through technology using an evidence-based approach: A Practitioner's View An area designed for practitioners to contribute views about evidence-based teaching with technology 5
Enhancing learning and teaching through technology: An evidence-based approach An HEA funded project examining the use of evidence in changing learning and teaching practices with technology. 5
Enhancing the Student Experience Annual Conference Supported by: 1994 Group, NUS, HEA, AMOSSHE, QAA and Action on Access 0
Enquiry based learning An introduction to enquiry based learning 7
EnROLE & OLNet Fellowship at OU Learning design descriptions for role-based e-learning 17
ePIC 2012 The 10th International ePortfolio and Identity Conference 0
ePIC ePortfolio and Identity Conference 2013 0
ESRC Seminar Series: Re-framing service delivery, professional practices and professional identities in UK careers work A forum for stakeholders to discuss and reformulate the profession of careers guidance, currently under review. 16
eSTEem-open to challenges-exploring the frontiers of STEM education 0
Esther's OLDS-MOOC Journal insights, reflections, delivrables 3
ET_Russell OLDS MOOC Portfolio & Learning Journal Journal and resource collection for OLDS MOOC 0
Ethical & pedagogic issues in the use of digital technologies in HE A challenge put to the SEDA Jiscmail list 1
EUROCALL 2010 Conference, Bordeaux, France Annual conference of EUROCALL on the use of computers in language learning and teaching 2
EUROCALL 2011 Conference, University of Nottingham EUROCALL Annual Conference Announcement 1
EUROCALL 2012 Conference Annual conference of EUROCALL 0
EUROCALL symposium on corpora and computer mediated communication 1
Evaluación Trabajar tema de evaluación 1
Evaluating learning design tools ( Jane Nkosi) Formative evaluation tools 0
Evaluation toolbox Collection of evaluation methods and links to resources to help carry them out 21
eve's OLDS MOOC portfolio my portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 0
Everything to do with the OLDS MOOC 0
Exam Revision Revision support, techniques, beating the exam stress and all related stuff 1
Example personas Example Personas 18
Exemplar Moodle course designs Exemplar Moodle course designs 2
Experimentality Conference on the Experimental Society in Lancaster, July 2010 4