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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
Games and learning For the discussion of research about games and learning 3
Gaspar Amaral - My dream project - Learning design web 3.0 Learning design web 3.0 5
Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - Portfolio A space for my MOOC learning in OLDS 2013 5
Gayle's Winds of Change GayleVN's MOOC designs & discussions 2
George Roberts - OLDS MOOC A cloudscape to collate my OLDS MOOC designs and discussions 4
George's collection of stuff for OLDS MOOC The place to put my clouds 0
GetSmartmoodle Cloudscape Cloud Formation surrounding Education - Forecast - Cloudy with a light snow accumulation of about 6 inches 2
Gigi Johnson cloud connections Olds mooc cloud for @maremel 0
GillW: OLDS MOOC Portfolio 3
GIS Resources Collection of Resources for GIS from University of Worcester 0
Global Learn conference Penang, Malaysia 1
Global Learning Community 1
Global Learning Conference 0
Graham Storey OLDS MOOC Cloudscape Graham Storey OLDS MOOC Portfolio 1
Grainne Conole's cloudscape 12
Gratis konferanse om underveisvurdering og tilbakemelding i store klasser Den 3. februar inviteres det til et åpent dagsseminar ved Handelshøyskolen BI i Nydalen 1
GSoni's OldsMooc Portfolio for Learning Design 5