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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
How to Avoid Digital Dead Ends – A Teaching & Learning Conference University Centre Blackburn College Conference - Keynote Virginia Eubanks 0
H800 H800 Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates 18
H800 - 15B Shaun Harley's group Attempt to keep everything together? 14
H800 15B Terri Rees' tutor group Trying to make some order 11
H800 Design Narratives 154
H800 Flash debates A space for flash debates for students on the H800 MAODE OU course 24
H800 Healthy Eating design representations 146
H800 weeks 8 and 9 13
H800-10B Week 9 Activity 4 OU Technology Enhanced Learning 9
H808 IDEAS H808 0
H809 H809 - Practice-based Research in Educational Technology 2
H809-11B Practice-based research in educational technology Cloudscape created for the 2011B presentation of H809 4
H817 Evaluating a Specific Innovation Choosing and evaluating a specific technology. 1
HEA seminar : Employer Engagement and Development of Skills for Employability 1
HEART A Learning Design Tool 32
Heather Peters OLDS MOOC Portfolio Like it says in the title 2
Helen Walmsley's Portfolio for the Learning Design MOOC 5
Helen's OLDS MOOC portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 0
Higher Education Leadership Summit 2010 Leadership conference - Thursday 11th February 2010 9
Hofscholen Aan deze cloud zijn alle onderwerpen en personen van Hof gekoppeld. 0
Horizon reports 5
How can scholars and academic teachers help in Wikipedia's collective Wisdom? What are the opportunties and barriers to expert contributions? 2
HOW dental business creating in India Medical 0
How to leverage open resources and practices for your teaching VC's Open Scholarship Seminar Series and Workshop, Brisbane, 21st February 2011 12
How to leverage open resources and practices for your teaching Workshop, Brisbane, 21st February 2011 0
HRD 2010 - The future of Learning Technologies Alan Fletcher of KMi speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference 2010 4
HSC PhD Conference (Open University) The Health and Social Care Research Student Conference 8
Hweeshan's OLDS MOOC cloudscape My MOOC learning journey... 10