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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
LAEP Inventory – learning analytics tools, policies and practices Bringing together evidence of practical implementations of learning analytics - all welcome to contribute 64
LAEP Inventory: Policies This section of the LAEP Inventory brings together learning analytics policies. 17
LAEP Inventory: Practices This section of the LAEP Inventory brings together learning analytics practices. 18
LAEP Inventory: Tools This section of the LAEP Inventory brings together learning analytics tools. 31
LAMS conference 2008 Ideas and designs from LAMS 2008, Sydney 5th Dec 12
Landscapes of practices workshop 3rd-4th July 2009 4
Lane's MOOC Cloudscape/Personal Portfolio Where I will collect all of my MOOC-related information and ideas 0
Language Teaching Ideas and designs of language teaching 14
Lara's OLDS MOOC Portfolio 2013 Lara's OLDS MOOC Portfolio 2013 1
Lauri's OLDS MOOC portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 4
Laurine's cloudscape for MOOC 0
Laurine's OLDS-MOOC my stuff for this 9 weeks 0
LeahGrrl's OLDSMOOC workspace 2
Learn About Fair 2010 Learn about...and be inspired 30
Learn About Fair 2011 The annual Learn About Fair for OU staff takes place on 30th March 2011 15
Learning 21 Learning in a digital & mobile world 1
Learning about MOOC 2013 An space created to colate discussions and designs 0
Learning Activity (JTEL2011) - Finding Open Educational Resources (OER) A hands-on, peer-to-peer learning activity to find and evaluate OERs 0
Learning activity designs This cloudscape contains several learning activity designs that have been created using CompendiumLD. 5
Learning analytics expert workshop organised by LAEP and LACE European-funded expert workshop held in Amsterdam 8
Learning Analytics: CAL 2011 Tony HIrst, Simon Buckingham Shum, Gráinne Conole, Rebecca Ferguson, Denise Whitelock & Anna De Liddo 6
Learning and scholarship: discovery, integration, application and teaching in higher education A cloudscape for people interested in transformational educational and academic development practices, widely conceived 3
Learning design A cloudscape to aggregate and discuss clouds about learning design. 27
Learning Design Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum 0
Learning Design Cross Institutional Network (LD-CIN) An initiative to establish a network and create a social place for bashing, mashing and smashing Learning Design initiatives. 6
Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum (OLDS-MOOC) A cloudscape opened as indicated in the course instructions 1
Learning Design for Learning Design (HE) Project Team A Cloudscape for the OLDS MOOC Learning Design (Higher Ed) Project Team 6
Learning Design for the 21st century: JanieB's collection Collection for OLDSmooc 0
Learning Design Grid 13
Learning Design Project - Design for learners with special needs Portfolio for the OLDS_MOOC project 1
Learning Design toolbox The Learning Design toolbox is a resource back of resources, activities, tools and methods for design 112
Learning Difficulties: Individualised Supports. 23
Learning Ecologies to be developed 0
Learning from International OER projects SCORE event 1
Learning from OER Research Projects Sustaining the Open Educational Resource (OER) movement requires an understanding of the drivers and barriers to stakeholders en 4
Learning Futures Festival Online 2011 'Follow the Sun' - University of Leicester Beyond Distance Research Alliance Beyond Distance and Australian Digital Futures Institute present a 48-hr-straight online conference on the future of learning. 1
Learning in an open world research programme Open University research programme 17
Learning in Digital Worlds - CAL 09 conference Conference, Brighton, 23rd-25th March 09 13
Learning is Social Conference The first conference on the use of Social Media for Schools 0
Learning journal (Inês) This will be my space to post my daily tasks. 3
Learning Networks Online social communities for non-formal learning 3
Learning Spaces and Technology: The iBorrow Project The conference will look at the lessons and insights gained from the iBorrow Project 1
Learning Technologies Exhibition 0
Lefay's OLDS Cloudscape A cloudscape for use on the OLDS MOOC 2
Les Cowley Olds MOOC Cloudscape Cloudscape for Olds MOOC 2013 4
Level 1 Coaching Course for Rugby Union Creation of an online and interactive resource to support the onfeild and class based sessions 0
LFT_OLDS_MOOC CloudScape OLDS MOOC workspace 2
Library and Information Literacy Training at Unifi, University of Florence. Transform face-to-face library & information literacy training into an online format. 2
Life Long Learning & Community Education Entrepreneurship 1
Light in the Shadows Just a place to store my interests 0
Linda Crearie's OLDS Cloudspace For OLDS MOOC Use 0
Linda's OLDS Clouds 0
Literature Review - The positioning of educational technologists in enhancing the student experience Have you read anything interesting on this subject? Please share the literature you find most useful 11
Literature Reviews Cloudscape Linking resources connected with literature reviews 6
Liz Bacon: OLDS MOOC Portfolio 0
LMS versus PLE's Espaço de agregação sobre a temática LMS vs PLE's 4
LMS-SECONDLIFE/OpenSim-Foreign Languages- Speech Recognition System Oral skill language in a 3D dimension integrated in LMS-moodle 5
Locating E-Learning Content on the Web This Cloudscape if for anyone to add information about where to find e-learning content 6
Louise O'Farrell OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal 1
LSBU Law Dept Learning Objects A variety of learning objects and links to do with the Law Curriculum 6
Luis Pitta's Cloudscape for OLDS MOOC 2013 My collection of MOOC stuff! 1