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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
Madeline Paterson's OLDS MOOC Designs & Discussions Madeline Paterson's Olds MOOC Cloudscape 2
Mahara Electronic portfolio 1
Making a difference: How can we demonstrate the impact of learning technology research? Slides available see link below Twitter backchannel use #ltrimpact 4
Management Theory at Work Expands on previous cloud to include wider topics 5
Mandy Honeyman OLDS MOOC Collection My collection of relevant materials for OLDS MOOC 2013 2
Manuel Lousa´s ePortfolio mpel - e-learning 3
Marcie's Cloudscape For the OLDS MOOC Course 0
Marie's OLDS MOOC Portfolio Work done for OLDS MOOC 12
Marion's Learning Journal 1
Mark Johnstone: OLDSMOOC Cloudscape Cloudscape for OLDSMOOC 2013 2
Mark N's OLDS MOOC portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 2
Mark's Cloudscape Portfolio and learning journal 0
Martin King's OLDS MOOC Designs and Discussions 1
Matt's OLDS mooc portfolio 0
MEAD - Melbourne Educational and Academic Developers Cloudscape for Melbourne Educational and Academic Developers 6
Media and Learning Brussels 2010 Bringing together practitioners and policy makers, this two day conference will highlight the latest developments, services and 0
Medical Education Thoughts, ideas and spaces exploring medical education. 1
Meg O'Reilly's OLDS-MOOC ePortfolio Collates all my MOOC designs and discussions 1
Mélanie' Cloudscape attempting to create a cloudscape 0
Melbourne Meg's - 'MOOC design & discussion' collection My - Meg Colasante, Australia - own "Cloudscape to collate all your MOOC designs and discussions". 5
Men, masculinities and working with boys Open University research project 1
Metis project 5
Metis workshops: An OLDS MOOC learning design project 10
Michael Bromby's OLD-MOOC cloudscape Created for the OLD-MOOC in Jan-Mar 2013 5
Michael Bromby's OLD-MOOC learning journal Collection of reflections on the OLD-MOOC 2
Michael Busfield's Cloudscape Michael Busfield Reflective Journal 2
Michelle A. Hoyle's It's an Ein World Cloudscape There can be only… Ein Clouds in the Cloudscape. It's a personal cloudscape. 11
Miguel Siano - OLDS-MOOC learning journal 0
Miguel Siano's OLDS MOOC Portfolio My work for the course 0
Miluska's Projects MOOC Learning Design for the 21st Centruy 0
Minh's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 1
Mitja's Cloud Works ODLS-MOOC 2
Mo's OLDS MOOC Cloudscape 3
Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop (MLCW12): Fostering Creative Learning with Mobile Technologies Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop (MLCW12) at EC-TEL Conference 2012 6
Mobile learning practices Use of portable/mobile devices for teaching and learning 10
Mobile Learning Winter Festival Winter Festival 0
Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments International conference with focus on mobile and networked learning in formal and informal contexts 18
Mobile Technologies Special Interest Group themes Collating topics discussed by the OU MTech SIG, and related resources 18
Monterey Interviews Interviews at the Hewlett meeting in Monterey, California, 5th March 2009 10
MOOC designs For the OLDSMOOC course 0
MOOC designs and discussions For OLDSMOOC 0
MOOC designs and discussions Part of oldsmooc 0
MOOC designs and discussions MOOC designs and discussions 0
MOOC for learning design a MOOC course 1
MOOC one Answer? MOOC, Youth, Apathy, Relevance, Tool, ... 0
mooc stuff 0
MOOCDesigns MOOC 2013 CloudSpace 0
Mooching through the MOOC Musings and ponderings from OLDS MOOC 1
MOOCs For use with the OLDSMOOC course. 0
MOOCS outside academia How can we use MOOCs to raise awareness about pressing societal issues ? 0
Moodle All about using Moodle 16
MoodleMoot UK 2010 0
Morag's OLDS MOOC portfolio Learning Portfolio 0
Morten's OLDS MOOC Collection This is where I collate all my MOOC designs and discussions. 1
Mozilla Drumbeat Learning, Freedom and the Web Festival Three days of making, teaching, hacking, inventing and shaping the future of education and the web 0
Ms. Zimmerman Cloudscape MOOC exploration 0
Multiliteracies This is a collection of clouds associated with the Multiliteracies cloudscape 3
Multimedia accessibility for learning 4
Multimedia educational resources Evaluation and case study research 2
Mustafa's OLDS MOOC Portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 0
My Design Narrative Reflection on Learning Design 2
My MOOCing My materials for this MOOC 1
My OLDS MOOC Cloudscape OLDS MOOC designs and discussions 7
My OLDs MOOC space A space for all the activities I will be involved in for this MOOC 2
My very interesting notes on MOOCs Collection of ideas and works from the course on MOOCs 0
myLearningDesign Personal reflections on LD 0
myozden's olds mooc portfolio my portfolio 0
MYP Design A hub for MYP Design Teachers and Students 1