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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
OCWC Global 2011: Celebrating 10 years of OpenCourseWare Open Courseware Consortium conference 16
ODET 2010 Online Deliberation Emerging Tools 2010: resources and comments 17
ODL International Reference Group ODL International Reference Group Collaboration 0
OEI Open Educational ideas 1
OER 2011: Hewlett Foundation's 2011 Open Educational Resources Grantees Meeting The Impact of Open on Teaching and Learning 9
OER and Creative Commons SCORE Event:: 1-day workshop is aimed at educators who would like to gain a broader understanding of open educational resource 1
OER and LabSpace: From OER content to OER community Do you have interesting open educational resources (OER) which you would like to share and develop? 2
OER and Sustainability Open educational Resources and sustainability 8
OER and the creative arts Creative Commons arts projects and OER 1
OER conference 2011 1
OER Impact in learning and teaching : Does it make a difference? Does it make a difference? (23rd March) : Information about the event, pre-event discussions and post-event discussions 11
OER in K-12 Collection of clouds addressing particular issues around OER use in K-12 space 0
OER Meeting, Monterey 2009 Open Educational Resources Meeting, March 2009 36
OER10 Open Education Resources 2010 Conference at Clare College Cambridge 16
OER11 Open Educational Resources 2011 12
OLD MOOC - Adult Education Team 6
OLD MOOC Learning Design for a 21stC Curriculum-Rae Heta Collection of Clouds related to this MOOC 0
OLD MOOC Portfolio Alan Clarke To store and present my ideas for designing a one day workshop or a workshop series for adult education 1
OLDS Mooc MOOC designs and discussions 1
OLDS MOOC "Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum" MOOC 0
OLDS MOOC - week by week 11
OLDS MOOC 2013 - Tom Preskett Activity Hub for Tom Preskett's learning on the OLDS MOOC 2013 2
OLDS MOOC 2013 (Keylor) OLDS MOOC 2013 Designs and Discussions 2
OLDS MOOC blog discussions 3
OLDS MOOC Cloudscape for AK This is cloudscape to collect all of my OLDS MOOC stuff :) 5
OLDS MOOC Designs and Discussions 3
OLDS MOOC Launch event The live launch event for the Open Learn Design Studio MOOC 8
OLDS MOOC Learning Journal for Stephen_B design working space 0
OLDS MOOC OERs OERs produced / curated for the OLDS MOOC 8
OLDS MOOC Online Computer Science GCSE Team Cloudscape for the CS GCSE project 0
OLDS MOOC Portfolio - Tamsyn My portfolio of clouds relating to OLDS MOOC 2
OLDS MOOC portfolio for Nicky Hughes OLD MOOC portfolio for Nicky Hughes 0
OLDS MOOC project teams form project teams for your learning design project 37
OLDS MOOC Study Circles 27
OLDS MOOC Week 1: Initiate 45
OLDS MOOC Week 2: Inquire Considering context & resources for learning design 14
OLDS MOOC week 8: Reflect 25
OLDS MOOC week 9: Show and Tell 1
OLDS MOOC Week 9: showcase 10
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Action Plan 2
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Activity profile 1
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Course Features 1
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Course Map 2
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Reflection 1
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Storyboard 0
OLDS MOOC Wk 3: Viewpoints Learner Engagement 0
OLDS MOOC Wk3: Discussion 2
OLDS MOOC: Collaborative Learning Designs with Web Collage An activity using WebCollage 0
OLDS MOOC: final reflections 3
OLDS MOOC: Reflect 58
OLDS-MOOC 2013 - Neisha Leacock 0
OLDS-MOOC Design Collation of learning design work, resources and discussions for the OLDS-MOOC 2012 14
OLDS-MOOC Design Workshop July 2012 Workshop by invitation only but this Cloudscape will collate activities and ideas from the OLDS-MOOC design workshop 9
OLDS-MOOC Team Site: Teaching to teach online (title can be changed) Design an online course suitable for academics/teachers to learn/practice teaching online 9
OLDS-MOOC Week 3: Ideate Week 3 introduces the notion of visual representations and their value in enabling design thinking, discourse and sharing. 23
OLDS-MOOC Week 4: Connect 6
OLDS-MOOC Week 5: Prototype 4
OLDS-MOOC Week 6: Curate This week introduces the principle of the open licensing of online content and the relevance of Open Educational Resources (OER) 0
OLDS-MOOC Week 7: Evaluate This week concentrates on the evaluation of learning designs and how to plan and carry them out. 4
OLDS-MOOC week 7: Evaluation experiences Your evaluation experiences 15
OLDS-MOOC week 7: Evaluation plans Your evaluation plans 4
OLDS-MOOC week 7: Evaluation results Your evaluation results 4
OLDS-MOOC week 7: Evaluation targets Your evaluation targets and project portfolio 7
OLDS-MOOC Week three - Ideate 0
OLDS-MOOC: An adventure story Lesley's weekly learning journey summarised 1
OLDSMOOC - CPD for Info and Digital Literacies Exploring curriculum design for creating CPD to develop digital and information literacies in Professional Services staff 9
OLDSMOOC clouds (Helen Whitehead) 12
Oldsmooc storage for paigecuffe Trying to pull together the random bits of mooc 4
oldsmooc_portfolio HG Weekly Learning Journal HG 13
OLDSMOOC-ChristophHewett My OLDMOOC Journal 1
OLDSMOOC: Developing a new unit in Open Educational Practice A cloudscape to pull together reflections and outputs 2
Oli Haslam's OLDS MOOC portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 3
OLnet Open Learning network 37
Olnet away day 1st - 2nd July 22
OLNet Fellowship Research - Tracking Usage of Downloaded OER Preliminary results for research project carried out by Scott Leslie to examine ways to track OER after they are downloaded 3
OLnet pilot virtual workshop: OLnet & OER - How do our practices reflect and inform the world out there? This cloudscape relates to the discussions of the OER toolkit and OER Handbook taking place at the OLnet pilot workshop - Dec 09 12
On-line assessment of Learning Outcomes in engineering education Issues related with on-line assessment of engineering Learning Outcomes 3
Online Conferences: Professional Development for a Networked Era 2-week open, online seminar at SCoPE 0
Online Educa 2011 17th International conference on technology supported learning and training 3
Online privacy and the 'right to be forgotten' Senior-level public policy keynote seminar organised by Westminster Media Forum 0
Online research tools: cloudscape Online tools and their relevance for researchers from different disciplines. 10
OPAL OER case studies OER case studies 65
OPAL Open Educational Practice dimensions OEP dimensions related to the OPAL project 12
OPAL Open Educational Practices - Working towards creating guidelines for developing OEP - Part 1 - The video interviews This Cloudscape builds on earlier OPAL project work 9
OPAL Open Educational Practices - Working towards creating guidelines for OEP - Part 2 - The Virtual Meeting This Cloudscape builds on earlier OPAL project work at the EFQUEL Forum 2010 8
OPAL Research Workshop - UNESCO, Paris - November 8th - 9th 2010. Working towards creating guidelines for OEP - Part 3 An OPAL research workshop which builds on a number of previous project activities 21
Open Access Week 0
Open Ed 2010 - Theme OER: Impact and Sustainability 7th Edition of the OpenEd conference 6
Open Ed 2011 - Theme: Be “Open” Minded 8th Edition of the Open Ed Conference 20
Open Education: Beyond Content (2012) A place to live-blog the annual reunion of the open eduction family 18
Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 21
Open Nottingham Seminar 7th April 2011 An international event to examine Open Educational Resources (OER) and the influence they are having on teaching and learning.. 9
Open Online Education in China Challenges and issues surrounding open online education in China 2
Open practice and OER in art and design education Use and re-use of rich media OER stories, exploring Open Practice of staff and students working in art, design and media. 5
Open University annual Learning and Technology conference: Learning in an open world The OU's annual learning and technology conference 47
Open University Digital Library Metadata Development Summarises the development of metadata for the Open University Digital Library 3
Opened09 Open Education Conference, Vancouver 12-14 August 2009 7
Optimising content for handheld devices: A good practice toolkit A collection of tools, tips and examples of good practice for providing content to mobile devices 12
ORIOLE Project Open Resources: Influence on Learners and Educators 1
OSRG Social learning symposium Social learning as an area of interest to researchers and designers from multiple fields 7
OTC Sales Force Effectiveness Project To produce a training curriculum for the first line sales managers of a Pharmaceutical company in China to manage OTC sales team 6
OU Educational Technology Events 2
OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' online conference 2014 'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education. 34
OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2015 'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) 35
OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2016 'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) 29
OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2017 'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) 26
OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2018 'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) 24
OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2019 'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) 37
OU Media Player 10
OUBS Learning Design workshop Workshop at Accenture, Kents Hill, 19th May 10
OULDI OU Learning Design Initiative 9
OULDI Ascilite workshop OU Learning Design Initiative Ascilite 2008 workshop, Dec 2008, Sydney 14
OULDI Phase-2 end workshop: Embedding learning design and establishing a reversioning culture Workshop held 29th January 2010 8
OULTG - Learning and Teaching Groups This is the site for communication and sharing across all the post CETL Learning and Teaching Groups in Faculties. 7
Our links to the First World War Through ancestors, place or circumstances what is our connection to the events of 1914-18 0
Out There and In Here Clouds related to the Out There and In Here project, based in IET at the Open University 9
Oxford Union elearning debates Annual Oxford elearning debates 3