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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
Pair Tutoring on Design Principles 10
Participatory Technologies Camp The PT camp will take place in Dabas, Hungary in September 2012. 5
Patrick's OLDS MOOC 0
Paul Jinks' Cloudspace My bunch o'stuff 7
Paul S OLDS MOOC Paul S cloudscape for olds mooc 1
Pedagogical innovations in new ICT-facilitated learning communities Validation workshop at IPTS in Seville 15
Pedagogical models and frameworks 7
Pedagogical patterns toolbox A collection of pedagogical pattern tools, resources and methods 13
Pedagogy for Collaborative Learning Spaces A space to share and learn about innovative teaching practices to use in modern learning spaces. 1
Peer assessment Items on all forms of peer assessment 7
Peggy's Cloudscape for OLDS Mooc OLDS MOOC collections for Peggy 1
Penny Bentley's Personal Portfolio Forming Learning Storms from Cloudy Content 19
Pennyjw's OLDSMOOC Cloudscape my activities for the OLDS MOOC running from January 2013 4
Perry's OLDS MOOC cloudscape Workspace for Perry Williams during study of the OLDS MOOC 2
Personal Effectiveness Subset of the Research Degree Skills expected of students in the UK, as outlined by the Research Councils and AHRB 7
Personal Knowledge Management A collection of processes that a person uses to gather, classify, store, search, retrieve, and share knowledge 1
Personalising formal learning with technology How we can improved learning outcomes in students with different level of knowledge? Is personalisation a way to it? 7
Personas 7
Personas, Force Maps and Scenarios 34
Peter Miller: OLDSMOOC Portfolio Cloud for collating activities associated with the OLDS MOOC 2
PGR Residential Conference 2013 Weekend residential conference for post-graduate research students at The Open University. 0
PGRS Methods Conference 2010 For doctoral students at The Open University 31
PGRS Residential Conference 2012 Weekend residential conference for post-graduate research students at The Open University. 15
PGRS Residential Conference 2013 Weekend residential conference for post-graduate research students at The Open University. 21
Phil's OLDS MOOC StormCloud collection of clouds relating to the OLDS MOOC 2
Pigs might fly 2
Pilot Online 'Learn About' Fair A pilot version trialling the concept of running part of the 'Learn About' Fair online 2
Plymouth e-learning Conference 2010 Learning without limits 0
Portfolio for the OLDS MOOCs Course This is my working space 3
Prepare to launch Cloudscape for Prepare to launch activity for week 6 of the OLDS MOOC 6
Presence in virtual worlds as a springboard for learning Identity and Social Presence in 3-D Teaching 3
Problem solving in Physics and Maths Advice and resources for improving problem solving skills of students. 2
Professional learning Self Assessment for Teachers Exploring and discovering what teachers want as self assessment for their own digital journeys 0
Professionalism and Pedagogy: a contemporary opportunity 30
Project: Design-practice( A framework for preparing teachers to teach with ICT (EUPT3)) Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning Progamme project - Cyprus, Greece, UK (Oct 09 - Oct 11) 7
Project: Digital Literacy for Young Learners Designing learning for fostering digital literacy in younger learners 2
Proof of the Pudding (Briar Jamieson's Collection of Clouds for #oldsmooc) Measuring Learning Gains using OER resources, self-directed &/or experiential learning 6
Prototyping toolbox This Cloudscape is a space to collate resources, tools, methods and activities to enable hands on exploration, and a better und 11
Prototyping: Sharing and discussion Cloudscape Sharing prototyping experiences 23